In life Medi loved to help and please others, and with a little help from the UCS boys we are working to get water to his pen pals in Ethiopia.                       Get newsletter updates >>give us your email>>

31 July 2016 – Dominic Edwards cycles 100 miles 

UCS JB Deputy Head Dominic Edwards cycled 100 miles from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, out through Surrey, and finished by cycling down The Mall. Mr Edwards was Medi’s Year 5 Form Teacher and has raised an incredible £1395 towards our pipeline so far!

Click here to sponsor him

July 2016 – Shoes and footballs arrive in refugee camps

14 May 2016 – Help make history, Save your shoes

Led by Luca Joseph we’re hoping to smash the Guiness world record for the largest shoe mosaic

6 May 2016 – The MediOliver Concert

Celebrating some of our friend Medi’s favourite song and raising money for his dedicated charity

23 April 2016 – Walk for Water on Hampstead Heath 

Come join us and see what it is like to walk 12km to fetch water, the same distance that Bekalu’s community walk daily in Gey Ethiopia. For a really authentic experience bring your own 20 litre gerry can (available from Amazon for about £4).   There’s a shorter circuit for younger children.
Entry fee £5, set up your sponsorship here
For those of you who want to walk with water, you can buy a jerry can here

17 March 2016 – Medi Mehra Football Tournament

Hosted by UCS for Year 4‎ boys

8 February 2016 – British Property Federation‎ Annual Dinner 

Mum Mary-Anne Bowring was invited to speak at the British Property Federation’s Annual Dinner in the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.  Joining Mary-Anne were 17 of Medi’s friends who joined Mary-Anne on stage to hear her sharing about the challenge of life after death and her promise to Medi.   The promise being that she would take Medi to ‘rock up and meet his pen-pals and see how they could help’, it is this promise that we are fulfilling and the 1st project is to get water to 18,000 people in Gey, Ethiopia.  Medi’s friends had fun gong table to table to collect the envelopes and more fun counting the money afterwards, in all £16,690 was raised.

COMING UP [Date TBC] – Ollie and his band “Magnify” will play the UCS arena

September 2015 – Fundraising sale 

UCS boys; Noam, Monty, Misha, and Jaydon raised £250 in a charity sale selling toys, clothes, drinks, and snacks.

11 October 2015 – Mass keep fit event at UCS playing fields

Ranulf Road, NW2 2BH

11 October 2015 – 12 kilometer walk for water around Hampstead Heath

24 July 2015 – NOTB Championship, Lucozade Powerleague Wembley 

Arrival time: 1.30pm
Kick Off: 2.30pm
BBQ: 5pm
Drinks & Prize giving: 7pm

Charity Prizes:

Winner: Trophy, case of beer, £500 to the MediOliver Foundation
2nd Place: £300 to the MediOliver Foundation
3rd Place: £150 to the MediOliver Foundation

Click here for more information and to book now.

Please call 0203 538 8875 or email for more information.

Saturday 20th June – Medi Football Marathon

Over 260 players took part and kept the ball in play form 8am to 8pm raising £24,885 towards the water pipeline for Gey in Ethiopia.

Lucas Block and Arman Minian won the signed Tottenham shirts!

June 2015 – Lower School Assembly 

Mary-Anne took Luca, Nicky and Joe to the Senior School to show their “party all night for wateraid” video to years 7 and 8. They got a standing ovation and this idea has raised thousands.

June 2015 – Junior Branch Assembly 

Mary-Anne visited the boys at the Junior Branch to update them on the pipeline project. Max and Adonis won the flip-flops design competition.

April 2015 – Flip-flop design competition 

Junior school boys were busy designing flip-flops for the competition along the theme of “advice from kids”. The two winners of the competition will get their design created and we will fit the comments from all the other boys onto a range for Summer 2015.

Thursday 9th March 2015  –  Year 4 Football Tournament

UCS hosted a Year 4 football tournament.

Medi joined in Year 4 and secured a place in the A team as a defender.

5pm, Tuesday 9th December 2014  –  Memorial Service

At the request of Year 7, UCS Junior Branch is hosting a memorial service on the 9th December 2014, as so many boys were away back in July. Medi said that he was proud to be a pupil at UCS, and was a role model to the younger boys, who aimed walk in his footsteps – a plaque in Medi’s honour has been planned, so pupils will be able to continue to honour his memory by keeping his name and achievements alive within the school community.

Friday 28th November 2014 – Assembly UCS Junior Branch

Met the year 3-6 boys at JB to share our trip to Ethiopia and how they can help.  Also met Joe and Nicky, the year 6 boys who came up with the idea of Amazon style birthday e-gift vouchers.  Did some research, found out they were Man U and Spurs fans, so we took them their team footballs and got all the Arsenal fans present to give them a big boooo and chant Arsenal before we gave them a well deserved round of applause.

Thursday 27th November 2014 – Assembly at UCS Senior School

Spoke to the whole upper school, managed to pull it off, so nice to see so many of Medi’s friends.

Tuesday 25th November 2014 – UCS Junior School Concert

The Year 7 choir made a guest appearance at the UCS JB Concert to sing a song for Medi, and raised over £1,000.

Saturday 23rd November 2014 – UCS Year 7 Football Tournament

Medi’s friends staged a football tournament in his name, raised some money and had some fun.  Sadly they were missing a goal scoring defender.

Saturday, 8th November 2014 – Joe & Nicky’s 11th Birthday party

Joe & Nicky from UCS told their friends they didnt want presents and suggested they give others a fair start in life.  They raised £620 and gave us the concept of  ‘MediOliver e-gift vouchers’ so watch these trend setters!

7pm, Thursday 6th November 2014  –  Gig in Moorgate

UCS Dad – Eden Riche – and his band the ‘Bank of Blues’ played a Gig at the Tokenhouse (4 Moorgate EC2R 6DA), and raised £1,210.89.

23rd October 2014  –  Visit to Destaw in Bira Abo Kebele

They then met Destaw and his family in Bira Abo Kebele, Ethiopia after several hours of off road driving. This was Medi’s other international ‘brother’ whom we had promised that Medi would be able to visit when he was 13, so it seemed only right we should do this now in his memory, while assuring their health and educational access.

22nd OCtober 2014  –  Disabled Tailors Project & Orphans & Vunerable Children

We met people with limb defects who had been trained to be tailors, and need another sewing machine to expand.   We also met the Community Elders (who had guns) and showed us around their work with orphans and vunerable children.

21st October 2014  –  Visit to meet Bekalu in Ethiopia

Maryanne, Mehdi and cousin Emad visited Menz Gera Midir in Ethiopia, where they met Medi’s international brother Bekalu, and his family. They did this so to ensure his access to education, school facilities, books and clean water. While there, they distributed football shirts kindly donated by Medi’s friends to Bekalu and all of his class mates.

10th October 2014  –  Max, Soli & Georgiou’s Football Shirt Sale

Well done to Max, Soli and Georgiou – 3 very enterprising young men who raised £765 by hosting a football shirt sale at the Junior Branch.  It seems only right that we match their enthusiasm and the £765 they raised.  Max can also spread the word that we’ll match any other event that can beat this!

What a great winning idea, collect outgrown shirts from the bigger boys and sell them to the younger boys.  Genius!  Apparently despite the modest £5 and £10 price tag prices of up to £45 were achieved, and all sold out in minutes.

28th September 2014   –  10K run

Leah Hurst participated in a 10k run to raise funds for the MediOliver Foundation on 28th September 2014. She completed the race in 1 hour 9 minutes and 57 seconds. Thank you to everyone who has pledged money!

All of us knew Medi and I know the boys are really missing him as they start at the Senior School.  It would be really great if we could raise enough money to fund one of the specific projects envisaged by Mehdi and MaryAnne as a memorial to him from all of us.

23rd September 2014  –  Poppies at the Tower

Mary-anne planted poppies at the Tower of London to honour the many mums with lost boys.

1st August 2014  –  Harrison’s Book Sale

Harrison and friends raised money by selling their books in Primrose Hill park.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea, the development of a child is the most precious thing we can give, and giving that to a child that has little opportunity is our chance to give back.

    I wholly support the MediOliver foundation and so should every one that has a child as special as little Medi

    And I am happy to help in any way that I can

  2. Went for a walk in st Mary’s cemetery Kensal Gren and came across Medi Oliver. His statue had an Arsenal scarf. I was so moved by the love shown to this young man and wanted to know more about him. Rest in peace Medi. May God bless you and your family for what you did to help others.

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